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For some, September can be the start of a few hectic months that turn into a blur. We head back to school, maybe close down the cottage, see extended family over Thanksgiving, and then we prepare for the busy holiday season. It is easy to be stressed out running endless errands, trying to check off… More details


Prenatal Yoga

If you are looking for prenatal yoga because you are trying to get pregnant or you are already pregnant, welcome to this page. Congratulations on making such a beautiful and transformative choice! The main focus of this post is to guide you, the expectant mother in the safest possible way to maintain a yoga practice… More details

Guest Blogger

Dear Friend

Last week a good friend asked me to write a few words of encouragement for her friend. You see, her friend will be attending the 12 week therapy program at Cambridge Memorial Hospital that I attended in February. My friend asked if there was anything I could offer this girl on her journey. I wrote… More details

Don't take summer off

Take on Summer

We’re the first to tell you we love summer. Life is about taking full advantage of the summer; especially following the (often) brutal winters. Summer brings with it a unique opportunity to head outside for all things from walks to the grocery store to runs around the lake to bike rides in the park. Yet… More details

Fuel your body

Buddha Bowl Recipe

Happy Day 3 of Grow Your Yoga! An important part of any 30 day challenge is fuelling your body with proper nutrients. One of our fav go-to’s is this delicious (& nutritious) Buddha Bowl. Enjoy & keep up the good work, challengers! Buddha Bowl – 1.5 cups of fresh Spinach – 1/2 cup of shredded… More details

water is life

Water for the win!

Looking to take things up a notch? Want a super simple way to flush your system, rehydrate your skin, your cells, and your organs? Drink more water. Here are some of our top reasons to super hydrate. 1. Dehydration can affect your mood. So, flush the cranky with pure water. 2. Keeping your body hydrated… More details


12 Years of Moksha

What I’ve Learned from 12 Years of Moksha Twelve years ago today, I wandered into Moksha Yoga London for my first ever hot yoga class, completely unaware of how much my life was about to change. Now, more than a decade (and countless sweaty classes!) later, my love for Moksha still burns bright. Though I’m… More details


You can’t sweat out a cold

I’m sitting here annoyed, frustrated, not to mention angry. My heart wants to yank me to the studio, but my mind is telling me to rest. As tough as it is, I’m listening to my own advice. The advice I share often during cold and flu season. The advice we see posted on social media… More details

spring rec 2

Be Healthy: Springtime Crockpot Minestrone

Meatless Monday anyone? One of our fabulous Grow Your Yoga participants, Danaka White, shared this awesome spring recipe with me last week. We were chatting about Moksha Yoga Cambridge’s bingo card challenge, and she told me about a super easy veggie meal she was making in her crockpot. As spring has hit us in full… More details