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Amber Morphy

Yin | Power Yoga with Ray Long | Pelvic Floor Yoga Specialist | Yoga for Cyclist

Amber began her yoga journey ten years ago. In a complete lifestyle change, she invited physical fitness and yoga into her life. She trained to compete as a triathlete and continues to do that daily. Admittedly yoga was part of her training to prevent and help cure injuries, but realizing the benefits, it is now part of her daily regime. Amber practices a variety of styles of yoga, Ashtanga, Moksha and Yin. Her passion is YIN!

Amber received her Fitness Theory Course and Group Instructors certification through the YMCA. She has also attained her CPTN Yoga instructors certification. In August 2009, she had the good fortune to travelling to British Columbia and received her YIN Yoga Teacher Trainer under the guidance of Bernie Clark.

As a career, Amber is well known throughout Canada as a classical pianist and singer. She has travelled around this beautiful country adjudicating, examining and performing. You will often hear some music incorporated into her yoga classes. Amber can be found teaching Yin at Moksha Yoga Cambridge.