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Megan Lambe

Moksha Yoga Level 1| Moksha Fit | Yin Yoga | Hands-On Adjustments and Assist | Meditation and Mindfulness with Patti Moses | Level 2 Reiki Certification | QPR (Suicide Prevention) Mental Health Training

A lifelong student, education has always been a part of Megan’s journey. She has explored it in jobs as a writer, teacher and tutor, and in not-for-profit and volunteer work as a community builder, facilitator, and organizer of many sorts. Since completing her Moksha teacher training in 2014, she’s read a number of books and completed trainings/workshops related to yoga ethics and self-development. She’s a passionate advocate for the role of mindfulness in creating personal and community change, and loves to teach and talk shop about all the ways we can use yoga to be better humans to ourselves and to each other. Books and podcasts are her favorite things.