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Megan Lambe

From the first sweaty class, Megan knew there was something life-changing about Moksha Yoga. Moksha Cambridge, full of support from teachers and students alike, soon became a second home to her, Over the last few years, yoga has had had a ripple effect in her life and transformed her physical, mental and emotional health. 

A lifelong student, education has always been a part of her journey.  She has explored it in jobs as a writer, teacher and tutor, and in not-for-profit and volunteer work as a facilitator and organizer of many sorts. It was a natural fit for her to marry her love for yoga and learning by attending Moksha Yoga Teacher Training in Montreal in 2014. There, she realized the powerful potential of the practice to create lasting personal change. She is passionate about the role of mindfulness in movements for social justice and community building and loves to talk about it! Most of all, she believes in the that words can foster peace, and hopes to share this love with her students in each class.