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Rachel Senko

Moksha Yoga Level 1 | Moksha Flow | Yin Training | Power Fit

Rachel started her yoga journey when a friend invited her to try a Moksha Yoga at a Montreal studio in 2010. This class marked the start of a life long curiosity and habitual wonder of the body, mind and spirit connection of asana.  After growing her yoga practice for two years through various studios and books, she met Moksha Yoga Cambridge and fell in love. She joined the energy exchange program and started sweating it out several times a week and in September 2013, Rachel became a Moksha certified teacher and has never looked back.

Yoga offered a synergistic compliment to her background in biology, psychology and music. You may find Rachel strumming a melody on her guitar at the end of class as you melt into final savasana. 

As a teacher with the Grand Erie District School Board, Rachel practices yoga off the mat and absolutely loves sharing her practice with her students and fellow teacher colleagues. Helping people live happier and more whole lives, in their own bodies, fills Rachel with gratitude each day.