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Shopping Locally

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 9.48.53 AMFirst time home owner and do-it-yourselfer (a family affair), @Houseinthesticks captures the redesign of her quaint place in the sticks, of Galt, Ontario.

There are two great things about shopping locally – comfort and exploration. When I started shopping small, having the urge to fill my home with pieces that made me happy – it was all about exploration. Quickly realizing that there are so many other products out there that large department stores and box stores don’t carry. The comfort element is that immediate homey sense that consumed you as you walked by a display or stepped into a shop. I tend to shop the same stores weekly if I can, whether its window shopping for inspiration, or picking up that little trinket or piece that I discovered via social media. With the Cambridge Farmers Market open on Saturdays, I find that time and place to be the most exhilarating. The people walking outside, the dogs exploring their senses, and most importantly, the shop and boutique owners setting up their displays, show casing what they offer locally for us to take home.

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I pretty much see the same people, same baristas at Monigram, always roasting the perfect cup of coffee, the friendly and very familiar faces of Galt Juice, and the same shop owners, like the ladies of The Art of Home, thriving on the new and vintage items that make every house a home. Shopping locally provides us a chance to use what is around us with limited effort, parking your car once and travelling from shop-to-shop on foot, perhaps with a coffee in one hand and a dog leash in the other (in my case). It’s exciting to know that all shops and boutiques we see around us can be accessed seamlessly without trekking across the city into unfamiliar areas. To me, shopping locally allows me to support those who are essentially my neighbours, supporting our community and what we offer in order to better the place we all call home.

Moksha Yoga Cambridge is another example of what shopping small and locally stands for. The notion that they are constantly introducing new faces and products within our city, providing these people an opportunity to share what they have with the Yogi community (which is an amazing community). If it’s not one yogi, it’s another, bringing in fresh flowers from the Cambridge Farmers Market – which ultimately is another way they contribute to shopping local. For me, this is exactly what I set out to do in my own home. If I can’t buy it locally, I will try and make it, and with all the new stores and boutiques on the rise, I may not need to make anymore! If you follow @houseinthesticks you get a glimpse of what it is for me to shop local and use that resources and materials around me. HITS BlogThe Kale Rose at the Cambridge Farmers Market is probably one of the most breathtaking flowers I have ever laid eyes on, snatching up a few to show case in the centre of my dining table. The ever so trendy and organic components that The Art of Home has inspired me to take home; from runners to cabinet knobs. It is through this that my house has become a home, and in a way that I can recognize the local shop owners and what they bring to Galt, that we cannot get anywhere else. You can jump on the holidays by gifting from countless shops in Galt, and if you don’t see something immediately, gift cards are always an option! I guarantee that any stockings stuffed or houses filled with products from Galt are going to be amazing.

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