Don't take summer off

Take on Summer

We’re the first to tell you we love summer. Life is about taking full advantage of the summer; especially following the (often) brutal winters. Summer brings with it a unique opportunity to head outside for all things from walks to the grocery store to runs around the lake to bike rides in the park. Yet summer also continues to be a great time to head to your yoga studio and immerse yourself in the familiar community of people who you practiced with all year long. Although, it may seem counter-intuitive to go inside, it’s really not. With all of that extra activity, it’s even more important to get into the hot room and stretch it out. So as you move through the summer fun, here are some great reasons to stay connected to your practice.

• Heated yoga is great for cross training. Are you training for that lake triathlon or half marathon trail run? Modo Hot Yoga is a great pairing for getting you in race shape. The heat and yoga combined keep your muscles stretched while also strengthened and improves your range of motion all around.

• Sweat out the junk. Did you have one too many beers at the summer barbecue? Moksha Yoga is a great way to work that out your system as you breathe & sweat out lots of toxins, leaving your body feeling more energized and pure.

• Heat fluctuations could affect you less. Our awesome radiant heat panels helps you regulate your heating/cooling system. Hotter outdoor temperatures will not affect your body or mind as drastically since you will be more accustomed to it. Your body is already used to controlling higher temperatures from practicing in the heat for months. This could lead to a much more enjoyable summer in every aspect of your life.

• It reminds you to stay hydrated. Although the importance of water and hydration is common knowledge at this point, it can be easy to get caught up outside and allow hours to pass without drinking any water. Hot yogis generally already know to drink water and attending class can be a good reminder since you can visibly see all of your sweat. Be sure to drink even more water during the summer since your body has probably already been in the heat before you come into class.

• You maintain flexibility. Now of course this isn’t true for everyone, but many people lose flexibility very quickly. If you’ve been rocking it in yoga class all winter & spring, don’t let the summer derail your practice and all the strides you’ve made in improving your flexibility. Just nailed crow? Awesome!! A three-month hiatus likely will mean you can’t just pick up where you left off, so keep working on nailing those poses and building flexibility.

• Stay peaced out and in tune with your intentions. Moksha Yoga is about so much more than the physical poses (but we know we don’t have to tell you that), so let yourself have your best summer yet by continuing to build upon and set intentions for your life during your practice. Our awesome teachers are always here to help! Let’s have a great summer together. #takesummeron

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