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When you just want to sit on the couch and eat a bowl of popcorn.

It’s bound to happen. The couch will call. The tub of ice cream will beg to be opened, and you’ll find yourself curled up under a blanket, eyes glued to the screen of your favourite Netflix show. You will need to take a day off – and that’s OKAY!

There tends to be a feeling amongst yoga and fitness students that taking a day off is some sort of faux pas. Rather than fessing up to this secret, we disguise it when asked “where were you yesterday?” by answers such as, “Oh, I opted to go for a run instead”. Little do they know that by run, you’re referencing your run to the kitchen to grab the popcorn off the stove before burning. What we need to do is come together and realize is that it’s okay to be human. It’s okay if your only savasana of your day is when you lay down, sprawled out on your bed, before drifting off in to dreamland.

Our bodies need a break throughout the week. It’s important to make room for these time-outs and practice self-kindness rather than covering up our actions, or lack thereof, with excuses. Now, it’s inevitable that there will come a time when you DO need to force yourself off of a couch. When you’ve missed a few days in a row, or you’ve taken a week off, and the idea of getting back to your mat is overshadowed by the warm, comfortable, cozy vibes of laziness. In these times jump up, throw on whatever is closest, and RUN to the nearest class. Break the habit. Remember the commitment you made to yourself to live fully. It is in living an inspired life that we are able to step away guilt free.

So, the next time you’ve taken a guilt-free day off from the studio, and you’re hit with glances and questions about why you weren’t in the 6:15am Moksha Flow, I encourage you to be honest. Be human. Keep your head held high when you admit to having not only hit snooze, but to have turned the alarm off altogether. Just know that your honesty might encourage someone else to find balance when they’re struggling to fit everything in to 24 hours.

Life is about give and take. So don’t be ashamed to give yourself a break – even if that break involves a bowl of popcorn and cuddles with a puppy on a cozy couch.

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